New Hope Club on their 'insane' journey from YouTube covers band to touring the globe

"It's insane that doing YouTube covers led us here."

New Hope Club's George Smith tells Lizzie's Lowdown all about the pop trio's wild ride from teenage YouTube covers band to touring the world in four years, songwriting for therapy and their "no barriers" brotherhood as they present their self-titled debut album.

The album is our journey till now

It really takes you on the journey from when we first started out as a band, aged like 14 and 15, when we had no idea what we were doing.

Then you've got the songs where you can really hear us just starting to get used to what we are doing, with our first writing sessions with other people.

Then the newer stuff like 'Let Me Down Slow' where we are experimenting with stuff that we've never done before.

We are more confident in ourselves

If you'd have told us that four years ago we'd be touring the world, obviously that's insane.

I think we've definitely become more confident in ourselves as well.

We are more used to what we are doing now.

We are just having fun with it because, at the end of the day, if you can't have fun with something, then what is the point of doing it?

The pinch yourself moment

The first time we did a show in front of 15,000 people - that was kind of crazy.

But the biggest moment I would say is the Shepherd's Bush show we did to 2,000 people.

We sold it out and the whole vibe of it was insane.

To have all of the people who have supported us from the start, or whenever, all in front of us singing their hearts out to songs we'd written when we'd started out like 'Perfume', it was a real moment.

It's still insane that doing YouTube covers led us here

It's really nice to take those couple of days at home and sit back and take in the fact that we have just gone around the world in a very short period of time, and also performed in front of fans who don't even speak English as their native language.

It's still insane to get your head around the fact that doing YouTube covers led us to here.

R3HAB turned Let Me Down Slow into an entirely different song

We always thought the song worked really well upbeat but when it was written it was more of an acoustic track.

We always thought it worked really well the contradiction with the lyrics and playing it more uptempo.

Also, live it goes down really well.

Whenever we introduce it, the fans get really excited.

We heard some of the stuff he'd done before.

He was on tour and we sent him the song and we started figuring out how to do it.

When he sent it over to us it was an entirely different song.

Watch: 'Let Me Down Slow' featuring R3HAB:

We use songwriting as a therapy, there are no barriers

Whatever we are feeling at the time we just sit down with the guitar or at the piano or whatever.

We all do that together.

We are so comfortable with each other.

We are best mates who have travelled the world for the past four years.

We are super close.

There are no barriers. When we sit down and write we are very open with each other.

The album's order represents us

Six months ago we sat down and went through all of the songs.

We started putting them into an order and it only took us about an hour or so to put them in order. It was a really quick process. We think it represents us as a band.

Our parents' seal of approval is important

We send our songs to our parents first. They've supported us forever so it's nice for them to hear the songs.

The upcoming shows will be unlike previous tours

The new tour will be fresh. We don't want it to be a carbon copy of the tour we did last year. We want to bring something new to our shows. We are going to plan some new segments.

I'm really looking forward to playing 'You and I.' I think that song really sums up New Hope Club.

A number one would be great but we just can't wait for the fans to hear it

We will be hoping [for a number one]. But we are just happy to get it out. We are excited for the fans to hear it and get their feedback on it.

New Hope Club are Reece Bibby, George Smith and Blake Richardson.

'New Hope Club' the album is out now.