New podcast ‘I Just Bought Myself A Pocket Synth & I’m Gonna Sell My Beats to Drake’ launches

Thinking about becoming a musician, but have no idea where to start?

Masud Milas has you sorted.

The comedian has joined forces with Jäger Soho - Jägermeister and Soho Radio's platform for artists and creatives - for the new podcast series, 'I Just Bought Myself A Pocket Synth & I’m Gonna Sell My Beats To Drake'.

The six-part series will see Milas joined by the likes of Metronomy drummer Anna Prior, Primal Scream bassist Simone Marie, Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart, and various music industry folk, as he unpackages what it takes to have a successful career in music with his "offbeat examination of ‘how to make it’ in one of the world’s most idolised professions".

Milas says: “I’ve always thought the music industry and the entertainment industry were similar, there’s loads of people who dream of making it, but not many do. It was interesting chatting to some insightful humans with insider intel to find out exactly how someone would go from buying a pocket synth to selling their beats to Drake."

On episode one, Primal Scream's bassist warns up-and-comers not to chase fame and to, instead, focus on honing their craft.

Marie explains: “I know loads of incredible working musicians that no one knows about but they’re making a fantastic living.

“Don’t chase fame; chase being good at what you do.

"One of the most important things is to have an amazing sound because if somebody comes to see you, it can change things overnight.”

The podcast will be released weekly on Monday across all major podcast platforms. Episode 1 is available on Acast now.