Oslo's DYI pop newcomer Selmer drops retro summer banger Before You Marry a Person

Oslo's quirky DIY pop newcomer Selmer is back with a summery nostalgic trip in new song 'Before You Marry a Person'.

The Norwegian multi-instrumentalist - whose real name is Julian Karlsson - channels his naivety as a young boy believing every relationship he'd have would end in marriage into his second coming-of-age track, following April's 'New Me'.

He explained: “[It’s] a song about being in love as a kid and about overthinking the importance of relationships as a nine year old."

The result of that? “Not being able to realise how unlikely a childhood relationship will lead to a marriage.”

Selmer's cinematic indie-pop soundtracks a scene at a 60s' prom as the school band take to the stage.

The track is a collaborative effort with up-and-coming artist Whose Rules, who co-wrote and added the child-like vocals on the single’s infectious chorus. 

Selmer - who is impossible to pigeonhole - has been creating nostalgia trips since the release of his debut single, 'Surfin’ With U', in 2017.

'Before You Marry a Person' is available to stream now on all major streaming services.