Pop punks Waxflower drop new single Food For Your Garden

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Photo: PR

Brisbane's Waxflower have shared their new single, 'Food For You Garden'.

The pop-punk outfit's latest track taken from their upcoming EP, 'We Might Be Alright’, is as the title suggests all about change and growth and packs a punch with summery riffs and infectious melodies .

Frontman Tristan Higginson said of the meaning of the song: “It’s about running from your past and avoiding personal change by trying to find it in another. Regardless of how a relationship ends, you learn from it, you live with it and so do they. Sometimes you aren’t meant to be in someone’s life, and that’s fine. You may as well let your time together be the fertiliser that helps you grow.”

Check out our 2020 interview with Higginson, in which he opened up about the band "always striving to provide an empathetic shoulder to lean on."

'Food For You Garden' follows their previous single, 'Not Alone'.

'We Might Be Alright' is released on April 16 via Rude Records.