'Post Malone' songwriter RØRY: TikTok changed my life

"Sam Feldt's 'Post Malone' got me out of a lot of debt."

Self-professed 'elder Emo', RØRY - whose real name is Roxanne Emery - has co-written top 10 hits, including 'Post Malone' by Sam Feldt featuring RANI, and she releases her own heart-on-sleeve alt-pop bops under her stage name.

Her latest track, out on Friday (10.12.21), 'uncomplicated', was penned after her comment on Avril Lavigne's TikTok video (see below) went viral just weeks ago.

In an exclusive interview with Lizzie's Lowdown, the multi-talented Emery reveals 2019 mega-hit 'Post Malone' nearly didn't have the main lyric, 'We party like Post Malone', and she opens up on recovering from addictions, and how TikTok gave her the confidence to be an artist and not just a songwriter.

Tell us about your new single, 'uncomplicated'?

It started with a comment I wrote on TikTok under one of Avril’s latest posts!

The comment went viral so I figured maybe it was good lyrics.

I wrote the chorus, posted that, and that went viral.

It’s been a crazy few weeks getting it all ready for release!

From writing to release it will be four weeks, which is amazing in the music industry as stuff normally takes forever.

'My Chemical Romance' is about love being as addictive as a drug, is singing that song like therapy? I am an addict, in recovery now thank god, and although alcohol and drugs were my main issues, I definitely would have described myself as a love addict.

Getting obsessed by people and things, but needing more and more, taking risks, and hurting people.

It felt amazing to sing about love being a highly-addictive feeling / chemical release, I truly believe it is … although maybe that’s really lust … I guess true love is more of a slow burn, I’m learning that now. You are an open book when it comes to dealing with addictions and mental health.

Have you had a lot of people reach out in your DMs and say how something you've posted or a song has helped them? Loads of people reach out.

Sometimes they need an encouraging word, and if it’s more serious I’ll always suggest therapy if they can for mental health struggles and recovery rooms for addiction.

My absolute favourite messages are when someone messages and says 'I’m 2 months sober now' or whatever after we have spoken. Always make me so happy and proud of them. We can't not mention the title being a nod to your favourite band. How have MCR inspired you? MCR were the soundtrack to my time at university - which was a kind of chaotic time.

I made beautiful friendships and had the experience of living away from home, but I didn’t handle it well.

Drink, drugs, I was a bit of a mess. That was my uni life.

My mum was also terminally ill so I was also very, very upset with no way of processing it other than drinking really - 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' was always on in my room and somehow it made me feel less alone.

As a self-professed "elder Emo", what do you think of the pop-punk resurgence with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Willow, and obviously Travis Barker featuring on a lot of the tracks? I absolutely love it.

It’s crazy to me to be around for the resurgence of pop punk.

It’s like flares coming back - that s*** makes me feel old! BUT it’s also magical because I have gone from a kid that really f***ing needed that music to an adult capable of making it, and the thought that I could have that effect on someone struggling? I guess that’s what it’s all about. You've penned songs for some big names. 'Post Malone' is such a huge hit.

Tell me about your involvement? You must have all known it would be a huge hit? I was kinda new to songwriting, working with two friends, none of us had written any hits.

We just wrote this fun song, and I came up with the lyric Post Malone. We didn’t know if that was too weird or click-baity and almost took it out!

But I had this gut feeling it was cool and different … I always think it’s important to be different.

But no, we had no idea it was a hit.

The label didn’t really like it either and it was released as the last track on Sam’s EP [2019's 'Magnets'] - then it just blew up.

Just goes to show no one really knows what they’re talking about!

That song is so special to me, it got me out of a lot of debt and is honestly the reason I’m able to do music full-time today.

Does your co-writing inform your own music? Absolutely. I’ve written hundreds of songs in the last few years, and like anything you get better ay what you do.

It’s developed my skills in how to tell other people's stories, and now I get to apply that to my own. You've worked alongside so many amazing songwriters. Who inspires you the most? Two people have been really inspiring to me recently; firstly, NOAHFINNCE, I had the pleasure of writing some songs for his next EP and just watching how confident he was with his incredible ideas, how vulnerable and hilarious he is with his songwriting.

It showed me that true artists really push themselves and take risks.

Then a songwriter named Jordan Shaw, we write a lot together and I honestly believe he’s a future Grammy winner.

He’s incredible at lyrics, and melodies, and also is just absolutely lovely.

He helped me finish 'uncomplicated' after it went viral and I was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of finishing it and messing it up.

You have amassed 700 million streams and 3 UK top tens for songs you've co-written is a massive feat.

What are your bucket-list goals? Honestly ... my only goal now is to make a living from music, and hopefully my own songs.

I used to be pretty obsessed with getting certain milestones, stream numbers, plaques etc. - and every time I reached one, I felt quite empty.

I just want to FEEL. Whether that’s having fun, helping an artist tell a hard story, or putting myself into a song, that’s the goal now. Who is your dream artist to write a song for? Avril Lavigne. TikTok has been an amazing tool for artists to propel their music and themselves into the spotlight.

You've built up such a big following on there. It's also a great platform to express yourself too, isn't it? Absolutely. TikTok changed my life - I really did believe I was more of a songwriter than artist, a lot of that was to do with my age and having low confidence.

Having tracks go viral on there and having so many kind comments from strangers has given me a belief in myself again, and I am so incredibly grateful.

I’m more creative than I have ever been, and more honest then I have ever been in my songwriting, and that’s because there are people that want to hear what I have to say and it means something to them.

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