Pure pop perfection - Sarah Barrios delivers dreamy debut EP Letters I Never Sent

Photo: Samuel Fisher

Upon the release of her debut EP, 'Letters I Never Sent', Sarah Barrios admits:"I’ve always felt like a person who has a lot of feelings, a lot of the time and that kind of emotional whiplash can be pretty overwhelming."

It's that "emotional whiplash" that is at the core of this vulnerable heart-on-sleeve collection of confessional pop.

Showcasing her versatility, the pastel-haired pop star serves up soaring power balladry on tearjerker 'Emotional', and flirtatious whisperpop on the heartbreaker anthem 'I Didn't Mean To'.

Having only surfaced earlier this year, Barrios comes bearing a polished, unfiltered and super-relatable debut; the sky is the limit.

Stream 'Letters I Never Sent' here.