Q&A: Cemetery Sun talk new single Supernatural, Blink-182's influence and fusing EDM with Alt-Rock

Photo: Adam Dillon

"We love the twist that the Industrial/EDM world has allowed bands like us to bring out in the modern Alt-Rock sound."

Sacramento's Cemetery Sun are back with their catchiest song yet, 'Supernatural', which follows October's acclaimed EP 'Haunted'.

The alt-rock trio played their first UK shows at Reading and Leeds last year, and also supported The Faim on their December UK tour.

In an exclusive interview, frontman Josh Doty tells Lizzie's Lowdown playing those shows "changed who we've become now and forever" and gave them the "confidence" to "realise their potential".

Josh - who is joined in the group by Elliot Polokoff and Matt Scarpelli - also discusses their wide spectrum of influences from LANY to Bring Me The Horizon, layering their sound with tinges of EDM and Industrial, meeting their heroes Blink-182 and what's to come.

Tell us about your new single 'Supernatural'? Releasing this track is a statement for us in many regards.

'Supernatural' is a song that pertains to facing yourself for who you really are and a song that focuses on liberation. To become new again.

It’s something that I have felt personally throughout my life and that we have also felt as a band over the last twelve months. Your EP Haunted showed so many layers to your sound as a band.

Tell us what artists have been inspiring you and how important it has been to keep evolving? The nature of the 'Haunted' EP was an opportunity for the band to try out an array of different sounds and tonally work towards the sound you will hear over our next few releases.

We were influenced by a broad spectrum of artists.

We love 90s Alternative, Grunge and Hip-Hop, while also sharing a love for heavier music. We also love the twist that the Industrial/EDM world has allowed bands like us to bring out in the modern Alt-Rock sound.

You hear influences from bands like Muse and Linkin Park as well as The 1975, LANY, Blink-182, MGK, Bring Me The Horizon and many more.

Blending so many different styles of music together is now considered normal.

I think it’s important now more than ever to have the ability to not only collaborate but also tour with artists both in and out of your genre.

How have you developed your sound sonically? Our first EP was designed around a song we never expected to receive any limelight from. That song is called 'Fake Love'.

The hardest part about moving forward was knowing we didn’t have a formula for that song and didn’t know how to replicate that mood.

However, I felt like we struck a chord on our second EP, particularly with the title track 'Haunted'.

What’s cool about what we’re doing now is that we finally figured out what our formula is and how to keep things honest and cohesive, helping us define our identity long-term. What did you learn from supporting The Faim and playing Reading and Leeds? Reading and Leeds was in my opinion the set of shows that changed who we have become now and forever.

It brought us the confidence we needed to shift into a higher gear and realise our full potential.

If it weren’t for our beloved fans in the UK I’m not sure that we would be built with the confidence we now have.

That’s in no way discrediting the US. We love you guys too!

Following Reading and Leeds and supporting The Faim in December, we only continued to build that trust, honesty, and confidence both within ourselves and our fans.

I can’t give my guys enough credit.

Everyone is working harder than ever and I’m sure you will all be satisfied as we are with the results in coming months.

"Reading and Leeds was, in my opinion, the set of shows that changed who we've become now and forever."

You got to meet Blink-182 a couple of years ago when you shared the same stage as them. Did you get to chat with them? What a memory!

Sharing the stage with Blink-182 was definitely a bucket list item for each of us in the band and we were able to share more than just moments backstage.

Conversations we’re had, laughs were shared, and we hope to share the stage with them again in the near future. Don’t be surprised if you see a flyer with both our names! Would you like to work with Blink? We would love to work with those guys. I haven’t met a soul who would disagree.

What they’ve done for the music industry and its fans goes all the way back to when I was just a kid discovering them for my first time.

They’ve inspired what is now the concrete beneath our sound and if they wanted to work with us, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Music is joy and that experience would bring us great joy! When isolation is over what are you looking forward to most as a band? Seeing YOU! All of you!

It’s one thing to enjoy the process we have here at home right now but our main priority is bringing the fun we are all grateful to have here with each other and sharing it with everybody around the world.

I think this is something that every artist has an itch for right now and live music will be needed again more than it ever has before.

'Supernatural' is out now on all major streaming services.

Catch Cemetery Sun performing a version of 'Supernatural' on Download TV this Sunday between 2pm and 3.30pm BST over at downloadfestival.co.uk/download-tv