Q&A: Meet rising teen star Denis Coleman who just supported The Vamps

Rising teen star Denis Coleman recently toured with The Vamps, HRVY and New Hope Club at arenas across the UK, and he's also been in the studio with some of hottest producers; Red Triangle (the Vamps, Ronan Keating, David Guetta, James Arthur), Joe Hartwell Jones (Usher, Adele, Ellie Goulding) and Raphaella (Rudimental, Gorgon City). 

Following the release of his debut single 'YOU' in 2018 and March's 'Soft Spot', Denis returned with pop banger 'Imperfect' last month and is currently preparing his debut EP.

Here we talk to Denis about the possibility of collaborating with The Vamps, plans to pull a Justin Bieber and surprise fans with a violin performance mid-show like the pop superstar did with the drums and raising awareness of mental health via his work with The Power of Muzik, setup by celebrity vocal coach Cece Sammy (The X Factor and The Voice), to combat bullying.

What's your favourite thing about living in the UK?

For me the diversity is definitely one of the biggest things I love.

Living in London, I get to meet and talk to people from all over the world, and I really love that. The food is great too!

Did you feel like the fifth member of the The Vamps on the tour?

They always made an effort to make me feel very welcome, and were super friendly and nice every time we were talking.

Did you get up to any mischief backstage with them?

What happens on tour stays on tour...(nothing really though haha).

Could we see a collaboration between you and The Vamps?

There definitely could one day! That would be so cool.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Michael Jackson, if he was still alive today. He’s always been a huge inspiration to me and I would have loved to work with him!

Of people who are still with us, I think that Max Martin would be probably my number one person to collab with.

The producer has been behind pretty much every hit from the late 90s up to now and it’s absolutely mad how talented the guy is.

Your recent single 'Imperfect' is about the pressures to look perfect on social media. What's your relationship with social media like?

For me, social media has always been something I really liked, as I’ve been able to meet and talk to so many incredible people on it.

I think the key with social media is to understand and appreciate it, but not to get too over involved.

I think the most important thing in helping people cope with social media pressures is to spread awareness that so much of it is fake and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to people on there.

Furthermore, who cares? Haha, I say focus on you, do the best you can and then be satisfied with that! There’s nothing more you can do at the end of the day.

Tell us how you got involved with The Power of Muzik?

I met [vocal coach] CeCe Sammy at a songwriting competition around a year ago and after winning it, she asked me if I would like to get involved in her Power of Muzik Campaign.

I’ve always wanted to help people through music so spreading awareness for mental health and bullying was something very important for me.

You've worked with an impressive list of producers for your upcoming EP. What can we expect?

It’s gonna be (Lit emojis) Haha! It should be really cool though. You guys can expect some pop bangers, some R&B vibes and some experimental electronic stuff too.

An aural experience!

You've got your first headline tour in the UK coming up. What can fans expect from your live show? Could we hear some new material debuted?

A high energy, unique show, with musical instruments involved as well! There will definitely be new songs in there.

You started playing the violin when you were just five. Would you ever do a section in your shows like Justin Bieber did with his drumming?

I think I would. I do, and I’ll always have a connection with the violin as it was the first thing that got me into music.

At some point (possibly even this summer) I’ll definitely get it out for one of the tracks!

Where would you like to be by the time you turn 18?

Touring the world, being the number one artist and hopefully helping people along the way.

'Imperfect' is out now on all major streaming services.