Pop star RAYE stars in Timberland's Delphiville sneakers collection campaign

Pop star RAYE has teamed up with Timberland to launch their new Delphiville sneakers collection.

The 21-year-old star's song 'Confidence' featuring Malek Berry and Nana Rogues has been used to soundtrack the latest 'The Green Room' promo, which is set in the tropical palm house at Kew Gardens in London.

According to a press release, RAYE "embodies the venturing spirit of the Delphiville".

The video sees her "reflect upon the experiences, influences and choices that have paved the path of her personal journey".

Speaking on the campaign, RAYE said: “Growing up in South London green spaces provided a little haven for me, I used to sneak out of the house and run to the park to write down poems and lyric ideas.

"Today, I still like to take time to escape and spend a moment just being in nature, I think it’s so important for your wellbeing."

The 'You Don't Know Me' hitmaker says it's important for her to use her platform to speak out and raise awareness about issues close to her heart and to be able to inspire her fans.

RAYE added: “I feel really lucky that I have a platform where my voice can be heard and I can raise awareness about issues that I really care about.

"I had a lot of strong role models growing up in my life so I feel privileged that I get to help inspire others.”

RAYE follows in the footsteps of 'Bestie' hitmaker Yungen in featuring in 'The Green Room', which seeks to celebrate the culture of green spaces in cities in the UK.

The Delphiville collection  combines a durable leather sneaker with a bold outsole.

Integrating youthful style with a strong point of view, the Delphiville is available in four colourways - gold, silver, black and light brown.

The new Delphiville collection is available online and in-stores now.