Red-hot Oxford musicians come together for Premium Leisure's sun-kissed Easy FM EP

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Photo: Ash Cooke

Words: Eline Joling

A collection of carefree psych-pop cuts with a ‘live and let live’ mantra, songwriter-guitarist Chris Barker's solo project Premium Leisure's new EP 'Easy FM' features a plethora of Oxford’s hottest musical talent, including drummer Mike Monaghan (Gaz Coombes, Saint Etienne), bassist Harry Deacon (Palace, Razorlight), Ash Cooke (Be Good), Casper Miles & Jack Kendrew (PETSEMATARY) and Willie J Healey.

Brimming with twangy guitars, distorted fuzz and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, standout single 'The Opener' is a tip-of-the-hat to those who have inspired and shaped Barker - long-serving guitarist for Healey - into the musician he is today.

He said: "It’s a thank-you-note to the people who've influenced me, and encouraged me to 'have a go' over the years. It's a recognition of the good fortune of being able to broaden our horizons and discovering things that can also act as therapies during challenging times.”

Premium Leisure’s infectious groove comes as no surprise considering Barker has been guitarist to Healey for a number of years.

The artists’ sonic pallete is so similar at times that ‘Easy FM’ wouldn’t feel out of place in WJH’s own discography.

‘Easy FM’ is the inaugural EP released through new Peckham-based record label, Plum Cuts.

Rating: 7/10