Sum 41 are back! The pop rock veterans turn it up a notch on new single Out For Blood

Sum 41 have dropped brand new single 'Out For Blood' from their seventh album 'Order In Decline'.

Deryck Whibley shares his own personal heartache at the state of the world on the pop rock veterans' first new music since 2016, though the frontman has insisted the track is not intended to be a protest song.

Whibley expalined: “The last thing I wanted to do was write a social or political protest record, and 'Order In Decline' is not that. It’s also very hard not to have feelings about everything that’s going on in the world.”

Sonically, the band known for producing some of the biggest pop punk tracks of the 2000s, including 'In Too Deep' and 'Fat Lip, have turned it up a notch, with a press release stating that the follow up to '13 Voices' is "undoubtedly Sum 41’s heaviest and most aggressive album to date".

'Out For Blood' is certainly that, with hefty drums, a hair-raising guitar solo and beefy baselines to get your sweat on to in the mosh pit.

Lyrically, Whibley pours his soul out, with heartbreaking lines like, “all that we have is just slipping away, and I don’t believe that it’s gonna be okay”.

'Order In Decline' is released on July 19 via Hopeless Records.

Pre-orders are available here now.

The track-listing is as follows:

1. Turning Away 2. Out For Blood 3. The New Sensation 4. A Death In The Family 5. Heads Will Roll 6. 45 (A Matter Of Time) 7. Never There 8. Eat You Alive 9. The People Vs… 10. Catching Fire