Sun Arcana on feeling 'uneasy' writing Sleep Talking, Young Guns mentoring them + their dream gig...

On writing Sleep Talking, Harry said: "This song was definitely one where I felt uneasy writing lyrically, it’s quite an emotive song and I think I’m just starting to feel comfortable talking about it."

Rising alt-rockers Sun Arcana's guitarist Harry Acreman sat down with Lizzie's Lowdown to discuss their second EP, 'Just Another Dream Away', which is out on Friday (15.11.19).

The Essex four-piece - completed by frontman Tom Harper-Ward, bassist Jules Wildblood and drummer Ryan Daniels - are ones to watch in 2020, with every single from the upcoming EP just as epic as the next.

Harry tells Lizzie Baker how "uneasy" he felt penning "emotive" latest single 'Sleep Talking', how Young Guns' Gustav Wood mentored them through the process of making their new EP, and wanting to open for Muse and Paramore at Reading and Leeds...

Recent single Hard to Be Around is about stress and anxiety.

Is songwriting like therapy for you? Songwriting definitely takes me to another world.

Which sometimes (strangely) can also be stressful, but you get days when you smash out a song and you feel on top of the world.

It’s definitely a form of therapy, also writing lyrics makes you feel quite vulnerable, but in the long run it’s good to get all your emotions out and share them.  Which song started off the new EP Just Another Dream Away? I actually think the first song we wrote for it was ‘Sleep Talking'.

It’s hard to pinpoint because we are always writing music together.

We could have the initial idea for months and months - but sometimes songs take a long time to finish.

This song was definitely one where I felt uneasy writing lyrically, it’s quite an emotive song and I think I’m just starting to feel comfortable talking about it. 

Who are you influenced by that your fans might not expect? I think the one people might be most surprised at is my classical influence.

I’ve always loved playing piano since a child and I think we are yet to properly inject that into the songwriting.

I really want to do a ballad but we’ve not had the inspiration yet.

You worked with Gustav and John from Young Guns, how did they help shape the EP? Have they been like mentors to you? Yes, they have been such an incredible source of help and influence.

They really help shape the songs into what they are now, bringing in more experience from a commercial stand point.

Helping us decide what people want to hear and depict what needed to be where in each track Gus especially really helped mentor Tom and hone his incredible voice. 

Being influenced by Muse what was it like having Adrian Bushby mix the record? It was super surreal when we heard that Adrian Busby was mixing.

We all felt incredibly proud and starstruck, but also immediately quite anxious as that is such a big deal as Muse fans!

Sadly, we didn’t actually get to spend time with him in the studio, but we met him and discussed changes on each mix and each track as and when we needed to.

Hopefully we can do a full session in the studio with him next time.

Is it the dream to open for Muse one day? Hopefully one day! And yes, of course it would be an incredible privilege to open for Muse. But, the dream? The dream is to be playing the slot before them on the main stage at R&L when they’re headlining the Sunday night. With the recent singles it feels like there is a real confidence about you now?

We’re so glad that comes across in our music because that's exactly how we feel.

There was a moment when we were listening to the final mixes when we all took a step back and thought, 'Wow, this is a record that we are proud of.'

I think in any creative industry you have that element of 'imposter syndrome' - but we’re really starting to believe in ourselves and that’s what these tracks honestly deserve.

Will you be blessing us with an album anytime soon?

It’s definitely come up in conversation a few times. We’re always unsure.

A debut album is such a big deal for any band, and with the way the industry works nowadays, it has to make sense for us. But hey, never say never. 

What would your dream gig be?

A Saturday night festival headline slot with Paramore on the Friday night and Muse closing on the Sunday. We all sat down and watched The 1975 smash it this year at Reading and Leeds and we can honestly say that we all had goosebumps more than once during their set.

Your music videos are very powerful.

Would you say they are just as important as the songs? Yeah for sure! I think it’s really important to tell a story through visuals just as much as through song.

Having a visual helps to connect and understand the feeling of a song in my opinion.

Would you like to write a movie soundtrack one day?

We’d love to!! Just say the word and we’d happily write for a film. 

What's the plan for 2020? We want to tour, tour, tour.

Keep all the momentum up and just grow bigger and bigger as a band.

We are so pleased with the music we have made so we just want as many people to hear it as possible.

Sun Arcana's EP 'Just Another Dream Away' is out on November 15 via Easy Life Records.