Tally Spear shares self-directed music video for When Nobody's Around filmed at Barbican Estate

Rising dark-pop artist Tally Spear has released her self-directed music video for her latest single, 'When Nobody's Around'.

Penned in lockdown over Zoom, the brooding cut is like a soundtrack to an apocalyptic thriller, but actually sums up our reality amid the global pandemic.

Spear said of the song: “I wrote this track over Zoom during lockdown with my close friend, artist and producer Ro Nova. I recorded the vocals at home; sang them over the instrumental of the track she put together from her home. The song is essentially about living each day in the new life we found ourselves in while dealing with Covid-19 - seeing the same things over and over, lacking a direction. I think most people in the world will be able to relate to this song in some way."

The promo - which features flashes of red to match the singer's aesthetic - was filmed at the Barbican Estate in London, which is eerily desolate and adds to the isolating theme.

Meanwhile, Spear previously filmed a short video for Lizzie's Lowdown in which she explained how she uses vulnerability as her superpower and the importance of every texture and colour in building her sound and gothic aura.

Watch it here: