The Lowdown on The King's Parade's debut album

"The idea of being so suddenly at the peak of happiness or sadness and almost immediately losing it fascinates me."

"This album is a big step forward from our previous work, The King's Parade's frontman Olly Corpe declares.

The London Alt-Soul outfit have recently dropped two singles from their hotly-anticipated debut album, 'Mario' and 'How Long?', and we caught up with Corpe to find out exactly what we can expect from the record, which is due for release in December.

'Waves' was recorded by Marco Pasquariello - whose credits include Coldplay and Snow Patrol - and produced by Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys' engineer Guy Massey.

"We met our producers (Guy Massey and Marco Pasquariello) after being pointed towards Snap Studios by legendary producer Haydn Bendall, who we worked with at Abbey Road. It’s been really amazing with such a talented duo. They really connected with our tracks and the whole process has been such a breakthrough in terms of achieving the sound we’ve been looking for. Fans can expect an album which delves into different genres and styles, all in keeping with our signature sound."

On 'Waves', TKP encapsulate the feeling of "being drawn in and pushed out by feelings and experiences" in life.

And Corpe has revealed that a recurring dream he has about "being pushed by waves of sand" has inspired the title track and, eerily, his mother has had that exact same dream "for years".

He explains: "The concept behind ‘Waves’ is that of human connection and experience. The peaks and troughs of life and how we ride the swell of those moments. The idea of being so suddenly at the peak of happiness or sadness and almost immediately losing it fascinates me. We’re so adaptable as people yet we act like we never change. The title track was inspired by a recurring dream I’ve had since I was a kid. It’s more of a feeling than a visual but it’s as if I’m constantly being pulled and pushed by waves of sand. Strangely enough, I later found out that my mum has shared the exact same dream for years. That idea of being drawn in and pushed out by feelings and experiences have inspired most of the album. "

Corpe says it's been challenging getting used to the new norm with proper gigs off indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but TKP have loved being able to build a "deeper" connection with their fans online with live-streamed gigs and getting them involved with their music video for 'Mario'.

"It’s been very strange changing our lives around the pandemic especially as gigging musicians. We would have normally been playing festivals throughout the summer and planning our tour around the album later in the year. Like many others though, our plans have had to change drastically and we’ve had to work really hard to figure out how to still maintain some contact with our fans and continue delivering videos and content to the same standard we’ve been used to.

"As for videos - we had to get very creative!

"For our first single ‘Mario’, we ended up asking our fans to send in submissions and we based the whole video around a dance choreographed by Sophia Bebyck. The result is an ode to our time at home and the madness of it all. The fact that our fans were involved in the process was so refreshing. There was something really reassuring about knowing everyone was going through the same thing. We were so far apart yet all in it together. "

Corpe and co are have found many ways to keep productive amid the pandemic, and after getting the feedback from their fans on social media, they are even thinking about putting out a companion LP of B-Sides to 'Waves'.

The vocalist continued: "During the first two months of lockdown, we were playing live sessions every day for an hour. We obviously weren’t charging for it because it was more for us than anything ... to keep us sane! It was honestly an amazing experience. We managed to form a deeper connection with a lot of our fans and even played them some songs we had no intention of releasing. From their amazing feedback, we’re now considering releasing an album full of B-Sides. "

Watch the music video for 'How Long?':

Stream 'How Long?' here.