The ultimate sad gals Valentine's playlist

1. UK songstress Honey Gentry has released two tracks, 'Valentine' and 'Ghosts of Lovers Past', to mark V Day.

The self-produced artist's killer vocal on the latter cut is hauntingly filmic, you'll literally see ghosts following you down a dark alley.

Honey's sumptuous voice is both gorgeously feather-light and weighted by toil and heartbreak.

2. Swedish trap-hop provocateur Ängie has described her new single 'Sad Sex' with Tail Whip as an anti-Valentine's song.

It's the second single from the upcoming album 'Heartburn'.

3. Kim Petras gave us the ultimate break-up banger in 'Reminds Me', see for yourself:

4. It would be impossible not to include Paramore's Hayley Williams' solo track 'Simmer' from her project 'Petals for Armor'.

5. Of course, it wouldn't be a sad gal playlist without some Billie Eilish.

6. Selena Gomez really had our heartstrings pulled on this one. 💔

7. </3

8. And finally, because every sad gals playlist needs to end on a high, here's Kesha's 'Woman'. Wipe away those tears, turn the volume up and dance those V Day blues away!


Check out the full playlist here.