The UMA drop🔥new single Fire

Our favourite pop rock trio The UMA are back with another belter of a new single in 'Fire'.

Guitarist Dan Jones said of the track: “To us, the song is a message to ourselves and a reminder that we should never give up. It’s about reflecting on our lives and ourselves as people. It’s about accepting that life changes but it’s also a message to support the fact that just because life changes, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop pursuing your dreams.

"To us that’s music, but it’s applicable in any way shape or form. If you want to do something, the song supports the idea that you should continue to put all of your energy into becoming that person whilst understanding that you might have to do things slightly differently along the way.”

Last year, The UMA arrived on the scene with two solid tracks in the form of 'Wake Up' and 'Working For It', and they've certainly scored a hat-trick with 'Fire'.

Watch the music video for ‘Fire’:

Stream 'Fire' here.

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