Waxflower take us back to the noughties with new pop-rock belter Ring

Remember Son of Dork? If you were a fan of Busted's James Bourne's noughties pop-punk band then you are gonna love Waxflower's latest single, 'Ring'.

Worthy of a Busted air guitar jump, the Brisbane group take us right back to the heyday - when pop punk queen Avril Lavigne was all over the radio - with this golden slice of pure nostalgia that makes us want to dig out our old Dickies tee and tartan pants.

Frontman Tristan Higginson said of the track: "'Ring' is a more pointed look at how outside factors were feeding into my self doubt. This is probably the poppiest Waxflower song to date, we wanted to capture the essence of those huge pop/rock singles from the 2000s.”

Of course, the song comes amid the pop-punk resurgence, with Gen Z star Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Huddy and Machine Gun Kelly spearheading the revival.

Listen to 'Ring' here.

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