Waxflower 'We Might Be Alright' reviewed: An energising burst of feel-good pop-punk

After a whirlwind two years, which saw the band sign with Rude Records within months of forming, Brisbane rockers Waxflower have cemented their status as ones to watch in the pop-punk scene with their impressive debut EP, 'We Might Be Alright'.

Loaded to the brim with infectious melodies and hooks, this festival-ready collection is screaming to be played live.

Opening earworm, 'Again', featuring Eat Your Heart Out's lead vocalist Caitlin Henry, is a mood-lifting slice of breezy rock about hope and healing, and the perfect introduction to the four-piece.

Standout track, 'Food For Your Garden', is a welcome dose of nostalgic emo - in the vein of Sleeping With Sirens - that emotes the chameleon of change and growth we experience with every relationship.

Just as Machine Gun Kelly did with his pop-punk LP 'Tickets To My Downfall', Tristan Higginson and co wear their influences with pride but leave their own mark with this energising and candid burst of feel-good pop-punk.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to 'We Might Be Alright' below: