Yes, Yard Act's debut album REALLY does live up to the hype...

Photo: Phoebe Fox

Formed amid the chaos of the pandemic, the most-talked-about guitar band of the moment, Yard Act, came to be after frontman James Smith and bassist Ryan Needham met down their local boozer.

After becoming quickly acquainted, the pair became housemates and set about creating a batch of homegrown demos.

With just four buzzy singles under their belts in the wildly entertaining 'The Trapper’s Pelts’, ‘Fixer Upper’, ‘Peanuts’ and Dark Days’, the Leeds outfit were swiftly snapped up by Island Records last year, with guitarist Sam Shjipstone and drummer Jay Russell in tow.

And just like that... they are hotly-tipped to top the charts with their debut studio album, 'The Overload', out on Friday (21.01.22).

But does it live up to the hype?

Much like early Arctic Monkeys - who they cite as an influence - Yard Act have won over the masses with their whip-smart social commentary made to be blasted out of the sound system at your local indie club night.

Sure, there are plenty of post-punk bands out there dropping razor-sharp and darkly satirical takes on society.

The band introduced us to the "university-of-life" type on pre-album fan-favourite 'Fixer Upper', who buys "a prosecco o'clock poster half price in Ikea".

And not forgetting... the protagonist on the new album's brilliant title track, Graham, who bemoans, "how am I supposed to cope ... In the age of the gentrified savage ... There’s no hope."

But you can't help but get lost in these brief encounters with the kind of characters everyone has bumped into at some stage in their life - delivered via Smith's deadpan spoken-word - nor can you deny those toe-tappingly catchy hooks on party-starters 'Payday' and 'Pour Another'.

Yard Act will have you laughing till you cry with this action-packed escapade.

When's the stand-up tour?

For Fans Of: Dry Cleaning, IDLES

Rating: 8/10

Release date: 21.01.22