YONAKA demand respect on empowering mixtape, Seize The Power

Photo: Dave East

Words: Eline Joling

YONAKA are a force to be reckoned with on their latest offering, 'Seize The Power'.

Across the eight-track mixtape, anthemic choruses showcasing vocalist Theresa Jarvis’ soaring vocals scream empowerment, hopefulness and acceptance.

Opener ‘Ordinary’ and title track ‘Seize The Power’ instantly set the tone, with invigorating guitar and drums supporting Jarvis' electric vocals, in a big fuck you from a womxn who is done taking shit.

Seize The Power is a collection of songs to empower you. We all possess the power within but through life we are always put down by others, told to be quiet and not express ourselves; this makes us less confident and we lose ourselves," Jarvis said.

"I wanted to take back control and yes, I’m not in control all the time but when I’m there I’m untouchable.”

Following the dance-pop beats of ‘Get Out’, YONAKA come back in gritty and hard. ‘Clique’, featuring FEVER 333’s Jason Butler, sees the band veer into a hardcore punk direction with rage-fuelled lyrics such as: “Get the fuck out my face / Before I do something” and “I don’t need no validation so, fuck you."

The empowerment and anger of ‘Clique’ continues seamlessly into the hip-hop beats of ‘Greedy’ with Jarvis laughing almost manically at a voice telling her she’s just not good enough.

Closing the mixtape is possibly the biggest curveball YONAKA could have thrown us. Featuring Barns Courtney, ‘Anthem’, is a vulnerable piano-led ballad where ethereal vocals dance around orchestral elements.

‘Seize The Power’ oozes with confidence and packs a punch, and we're intrigued to see this new era take flight.